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Alas - Asociación la Libertad


Born into a family in full-time ministry and supported throughout my childhood to grow in knowledge and wisdom, I heard the Good News in an Ohio church as a child. The anger, abuse, and powerlessness I experienced as a child left me desperate for the hope the pastor shared, so I began my personal walk with Jesus at that moment. Four years later after I listened attentively to a missionary speak about ministry and blowguns in the Amazon, God's Spirit chose and called me to share Christ's hope internationally. I did not comprehend the magnitude of God's purpose, but I was eager to obey because of God's great love.


After finishing my degrees in Biology and Chemistry and teaching English for two years in Korea, I felt the need for practical, sustainable applications of science, so I pursued my Master's in Global Health in Ontario, Canada. During this time, I supported a Kenyan business start-up, Eggpreneur. I joined the start-up to complete a Canadian grant application, interview stakeholders in Kenya, and fundraise critical seed capital to start the organization. The opportunity for sustainable development and capacity building did more than address barriers to health through social entrepreneurship. I observed the value of empowerment to foster relationships to build the Kingdom of Heaven.


The last few years in the States, I supported those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, coordinated projects for a Medicaid-funded small business, and received personal inner healing for trauma through therapy and counseling. These opportunities were invaluable and God-ordained good works in preparation to partner with the projects of Alas - Asociación la Libertad in Guatemala. I anticipate God's Spirit to unite me in heart and purpose with the villagers in the mountains of Guatemala to join the amazing work others have done for God's glory to increase.

Our Strategy

My personal strength is building community across barriers by learning others' values through authentic relationships. By sharing my own testimony through cooperative expressions of truth and joy, I interpret differences and bridge gaps across relational contexts. From harmonious relationships, I encourage synergy for enduring multigenerational wholeness.


Submitting these strengths to the direction of God's Spirit provides renewal of joy and constant rest during challenging situations and in unfamiliar contexts. Such a living sacrifice is a powerful invitation for others to mature with Holy Spirit or accept Jesus as their King in the first step of believing. God's mercies are new daily, and knowing the Why behind my Whats keeps me present in a struggling world with its birthing pains (John 17:13-19, Matthew 24:8).


I consider the loneliness, abuse, violence, and poverty in this world and my own situation to be ingredients for God's miracles and for my good (Romans 8:28). Empowerment through social entrepreneurship is a Christ-like way I apply my strengths, experience, and education to demonstrate love, foster relationships, and build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.


How To Partner With Us

We invite you to be a partner with us by:


  • Staying in touch by email.

  • Supporting the ministry financially.

  • Connecting directly with social entrepreneurship projects to pray for needs, receive updates, or join as a volunteer.


Please see the contact links below.


Mission Partner

Alas - Asociación la Libertad is equipping young men and women to perfect their innate abilities, empowering each individual to strengthen development and justice within their own community. We encompass a solid foundation of sustainability in transformative development, in which those in need and deprived of their rights have the lasting physical and spiritual resources inevitably required to serve strongly and to be a part of a new generation of just and emancipated leaders in their communities and the nation of Guatemala itself.

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Connect with Brandon

To financially partner with Brandon, please click the "DONATE" button below. To partner with Brandon in other ways, you can connect with him through the email or website links above.

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