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Jim Gillespie

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From "Lost" to "Missionary"

KC Metro Area

I am Second... it's who I am. I wasn't always that way. My pride and anger would turn me into a guy that you really wouldn't want to know. But, the love of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in me made me realize that putting myself first really wasn't working.  

I now LIVE Second. I put Jesus first in my life. I put others first in my life.  I simply live in an attitude of being Second. God's love works in me, through me and around me as I seek to do His will in my life.  

Growing up in north-central Minnesota, I could see God all around me in nature, AND in others that my family associated with. I put on the mask of a good guy, a really nice guy, but all the while, I was always looking out for number one.













I later found out that a close friend was good enough to consistently pray for me (as I know my family did, and many other's) and he and other's constantly shared the love of Christ with me, finally helping me to truly understand how high, how wide, and how deep the love of God was, just for me.  


As I stepped into a life of ministry, it was amazing to see how God opened doors through the community around me. One brother created an opportunity for me to work through Mainstream Bible Outreach Society. And as I was sending Bibles around the world in that ministry, I was introduced to the ministry of I Am Second and E3 Partners Ministry.  God used these tools in my life to stir up the embers of evangelism into a flame that cannot be quenched. At a low point in my life, another great brother introduced me to the ministry of Marked Men for Christ. The spiritual healing and the freedom in Christ that I found while working with other Christian Brothers was completely saturating my soul with compassion, and a passion to see other men discipled into freedom from their woundedness as men, from addictions and from the self hate and lies that they tell themselves. I couldn't help but invite others to not only know Jesus and experience new life in Christ, but to engage them in Scripture that is freely given, to helping them learn to follow Christ in Discipleship to the point of being a reproducing follower of Christ.  

Our Strategy

God has placed me in a strategic position for just a time as this...  I am the Operation/Communications Director for Mainstream Bible Outreach Society, where we freely provide God's Word in the form of a pocket NIV, Outreach New Testament to anyone who needs one, and making them available in bulk to organizations and individuals who can also be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in a world that so desperately needs to hear from and experience God.  

I am also the Director of I Am Second - Kansas City, which is the evangelistic ministry of e3 Partners Ministry, where we Equip the Church to Evangelize the World and Establish THE Church.  Through the tools of I Am Second, we establish a dialogue that points to Jesus and the need we have to live Second, putting Jesus first in our lives.  We then train those believers to be reproducing disciples of Christ, sharing the hope they have found with their family, neighbors and friends.  

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As the Heartland Regional Director for Marked Men for Christ, I have the honor of seeing men's lives impacted by the power of the Holy Spirit to live in freedom from their past woundedness and create community where they can be discipled and disciple others into stronger men for Jesus.  As a Holy Spirit led ministry, we do this through ongoing transformative experiences and authentic relationships.  

God has provided these ministry opportunities to work hand in hand, and he is using The Sending Agency to provide the structure to let me manage this calling from God all under one ministry "umbrella".

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How To Partner With Us

I truly would appreciate your prayer support in all that we are doing for Christ and His Kingdom. The daily grind of life can get us all caught up in things that capture our attention. As a "Domestic Missionary" the pace of life here in the Kansas City metro area is like it is anywhere in the US.  It is hectic and harsh at times, but the opportunity to pray for you is something I truly look forward to. I would be honored if you would pray for me.  An encouraging word, or a simple text to say hello and to let me know you are praying for me would absolutely lift my day.  

It takes money to do ministry, just as it does to do life. A one time donation, or, even better, becoming a monthly supporter would help us know how to plan our budget for life as well as our ministry efforts, and events. This is our livelihood, and we pray that God blesses you as you bless us.  

As you pray and determine how God is moving you to become involved, whether as a prayer partner, a volunteer or as a financial supporter, please know that we cannot do this work without you! God's leading, your prayers and support, and our willingness to GO, and do whatever HE tells us to do, is how we show the world that we Live Second!

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Mission Partner

Mainstream Bible Outreach

Kansas City, Kansas


The Mainstream Bible Outreach is an independent outreach to the broad "mainstream" public. We seek to place encouraging messages and fulfill the offer of a free modern language New Testament, through outreach online and in various marketing avenues, display-stands in public locations, and individuals, as means to reach people with God's word.

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Mission Partner

Marked Men For Christ

As a Holy Spirit Led Global Ministry, We Build Stronger Men for Jesus Christ through Ongoing Transformative Experiences and Authentic Relationships. Starts with a 44-hour experience! And then it is followed-up with a 10-week training. We invite men, to go deep into their heart and seek the healing of their brokenness through the Holy Spirit. Men are encouraged to look within at 5-wounded areas; Deceit, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Shame – seeking God’s healing. Then, we celebrate and honor GOD, discover talents, gifts and blessings. Everyone will affirm their life’s purpose.

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Mission Church



The journey doesn’t end after you choose to become Second. Now, it’s time to learn how to daily live out this identity through our actions and words. Join the Live Second Community where you’ll be able to explore the full archive of I Am Second content, save resources and favorite films, and engage with others committed to living Second. And did we mention, it’s free?

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