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Kristan Hammond


Amazon Rainforest

Pucallpa, Peru

The open skylines of Kansas have always felt like home. I spent my childhood in rural Kansas (LeRoy) and enjoyed the curvy roads and leafy trails around Branson, Missouri while attending The College of the Ozarks. Later, I attended Pittsburg State University to become an art educator. Then I made my home in Kansas City, Kansas and taught art in the Bonner Springs school district for nine years. My country background and educational experiences have provided essential skills to serve as God has directed me in Peru over the last two years.  

I often see the world as an artist and I love to share about the beautiful things God is doing and what I am learning through photography. I love seeing the handiwork of God written across the sky and in the details of daily life. While in the states, I am missing the songs of jungle birds in the morning and the bright stars in the sky on the Napo River.

Our Strategy

My mission strategy is simple. Take the next step. Don’t let the unknowns keep me from following where He leads. I love to serve in support roles and enjoy being able to bring my varied skills to the table to help other missionaries or national workers. I work with a high degree of flexibility and love to use my gift of hospitality to create warm environments allowing our journey together as Christians to be growth oriented.


How To Partner With Us

It is easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life. The most important thing to partner with me is to commit to pray. Missionaries don’t leave their normal human struggles at the airport. We continue to work through them and unmet expectations in a culture that is not our own. Something as simple as an emoji or message can be the encouragement we need to take another step toward Him and to better love the people that we do life beside. Of course, there are other tangible ways to join in through monthly support, one-time donations or purchases of photography. We also collect second-hand items to sell at consignment stores.  My Mom picks up items and prepares them for the best location.  Sincerely, these donations have meant the difference in making ends meet more than once.  

Choosing to take a supporting role can be simple or involved, but most of all I want you to know you are important in whatever role you decide to play. Journey Juntos means Journey Together. I cannot do this without God leading, your prayers and people willing to join me in the journey.


Mission Partner

Over the past two years I have worked alongside teachers from South American Mission (SAM) Academy in Pucallpa and Cormamen Christian School in Santa Clotilde. A year long partnership with Ethos 360 missionaries is what originally lead me to Peru.  Currently I serve as the Cana Foods Solutions manager for the Greenhouse project with FAIENAP, a fraternity of pastors and leaders from indigenous communities.  []


Refugio of Esperanza (Refuge of Hope) school is where I spend my other energies.  []  My time is mostly spent serving as a paraprofessional for Brayan.  I met him the year that I lived in Santa Clotilde.  He is from a rural community that isn’t able to provide the educational support he needs at this time.  He is a very bright 6 year old, but isn’t able to join in school because he is deaf.  Learning to read and write our two of our long-term goals for him. He is making beautiful progress. His family travels to Pucallpa, each year to join in a Pastoral training program lead by the Swiss Missionaries.   I keep a public page Journey Juntos on Facebook and private GDQ (Gems During Quarantine) if you interested in joining in the fun.  


The pandemic has caused all of us to become a bit more comfortable with uncertainty. I can rest in the fact that God knows the names of my future partners and teammates, none of it will be a surprise to Him.  I can have confidence in that He knows all the answers to the all questions as keep taking the next step in His direction.

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